Protect the Future with a Family Constitution

Published by Mark Slater on Jan 14, 2020

In our previous post, we discussed the importance of a family mission statement and how it uses common family values to build harmony and unity within the family. It is especially valuable when the family... Continue reading

Discover the Importance of the Family Mission Statement

Published by Mark Slater on Jan 07, 2020

Mission statements have been proven time and again to be essential for businesses. They define why an organization exists and are used to inspire, engage, and motivate employees to help the company achieve... Continue reading

Think We are Hard-Wired to Be Successful Investors? Think Again!

Published by Mark Slater on Aug 27, 2019

There are innate natural tendencies that have kept us alive for thousands of years that predispose us to naturally not be wired to be successful investors. These tendencies are in all of us including ... Continue reading

Building family bonds through philanthropy

Published by Mark Slater on Jul 29, 2019

Whether it’s the love for giving back; the desire to share their wealth; or some other unique driver which fuels the philanthropic desires of family businesses, philanthropy is perhaps one of the strongest... Continue reading

Nurturing the next generation of family business owners

Published by Mark Slater on Jul 09, 2019

Most family business owners aspire to see the business they built flourish under the leadership of the next generation — whether it is one (or more) of their children or some other family member.   That’s... Continue reading

Avoiding the impasse: Understanding and Resolving Conflict

Published by Mark Slater on Jun 18, 2019

It goes without saying that in any setting where humans interact with each other, there is always the possibility for conflict. Healthy disagreements between two or more parties is normal, but conflict... Continue reading

What Aretha Franklin Can Teach Us About Estate Planning

Published by Mark Slater on Jun 18, 2019

What Aretha Franklin Can Teach Us About Estate Planning   What do 4 U.S. presidents, Pablo Picasso and Prince have in common? They all died without a Will. It is estimated that between 50% and 75% of ... Continue reading

Letting go! Why you should hand over control

Published by Mark Slater on May 24, 2019

I recently read a couple of articles titled: “Your Family Business Won’t Survive If You Don’t Plan for Leadership Transition” and “When Not to Keep It In the Family” that I would recommend to anyone seeking... Continue reading

How To Preserve Unity in Your Family Business — Engage the Spouses!

Published by Mark Slater on Apr 23, 2019

Although spouses may not necessarily be shareholders in the family business, they can play a critical role in its stability and success. You can’t ignore the fact that they are the primary influencers... Continue reading

The business owner’s dilemma: Is fair equal or is equal unfair?

Published by Mark Slater on Mar 25, 2019

Brian was devastated when he discovered that his father, Bill had shared the family-owned business equally with his two siblings. “It’s totally unfair,” he exclaimed, adding, “I’ve been working alongside... Continue reading