Slater Financial Group Family Office Services

Wealth and it’s complexities require wealth management that recognizes, understands and responds to the big picture and small details. It also requires a multi-faceted approach that encompasses investment management, family legacy, asset protection and philanthropic planning, among others, focused on counselling, guiding, planning and managing.


Families typically seek our services when they are looking for a dedicated team of multi-disciplinary experts in a Family Office environment to help them navigate the financial complexities of life. It may be that the intricacies of planning and managing their wealth; or the uncertainty of business continuity and estate planning have become overwhelming; or that they simply want someone to bring a different perspective.

We’re able to leverage our 25 years of advisory experience with our Family Enterprise Advisor (FEA) experience to help Family Enterprise’s through these different processes. Our FEA training helps bring guidance and expertise to professionalize governance and build understanding, awareness and preparedness with the next generation to create a pathway towards a successful transition. In our work with founders, we engage the founder and family in a two-way dialogue that adds structure, surfaces issues, and designs solutions that lead to concrete strategies and actions. In addition, we believe that by identifying shared values and developing a mission statement the family comes together behind a common vision resulting in stronger families and enduring businesses.

Below is a summary of some of the benefits of our Family Office Services. For more details on all the services and experts available, we invite you to explore our Family Office Services section and our Blog


Personalized Investment Management ︾

  • World Class Investment Manager access to help you preserve and grow your wealth across asset classes and around the globe
  • In-house Investment Management Research team who perform rigorous due diligence to identify best-in-class managers from around the world
  • Customized Capital Market Solutions to mitigate specific investment risks in your portfolio

Stewardship Guidance from a Multi-Disciplinary Team of Experts ︾

  • Access to CIBC Trust and Estate Services Team to help you with Estate, Trust and Powers of Attorney for Property administration and Personal Care
  • Access to our Business Continuity and Transition Planning Teams for guidance on Family and Business Succession, Transition and Continuity Planning with a focus on keeping family harmony and protecting the family legacy
  • Multi-generational Family Wealth Consultancy to ensure future generations are equipped with the knowledge and resources to further the family legacy
  • Strategic Philanthropy, Foundations and Legacy Advisory Advising to help fulfill your vision and personal legacy

Wealth Strategies to Structure, Preserve and Optimize your Wealth ︾

  • Cash Flow and Retirement Planning to protect your family purchasing power over a multi-decade retirement through and is received in a tax efficiency
  • Risk Management Analysis providing solutions to help mitigate both known and unknown risks to you and your family
  • Sophisticated Wealth Planning and Structuring
  • Corporate and Personal Tax Integration and Advisory
  • Estate Preservation

Dedicated Private Banking and Trust Services Team ︾

  • Deposit Accounts for personal or business liquidity needs that earn attractive interest rates with convenient and flexible online and mobile banking, with no-charge ATM use.
  • Residential Real Estate financing for primary residence or vacation properties.
  • Marketable Secured Line of Credit providing you with liquidity for either planned purchases or unforeseen, opportunistic events — allowing you to carry less cash on your personal balance sheet and avoid unplanned liquidations of investments.
  • Tailored Lending to provide you financing for your next purchase and the ability to leverage illiquid assets, such as business interests